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Input of Donnington Parish Council to the WSCC Chichester Parking Management Plan


Donnington Parish Council
19 Grosvenor Road
West Sussex
PO19 8RT
Email: donningtonpc@gmail.com
Tel: 07752248905


Please find below the input of Donnington Parish Council to the WSCC Chichester Parking Management Plan.


The Council agrees with the implementation of the proposed PMP across all Zones, and would suggest the following additions / improvements to the plan for Zone A (Donnington)


1. We note some possible inconsistencies in the map of Zone A (Updated) and the List of Roads in Zone A as follows:


  • The key to the Zone A (updated) map indicates that green hash lines are for “Permit Holders only (past this point)”. Most roads on the map have the hash lines extended to the end of the road (and the updated version now includes the northern end of Waterside Drive), but some do not. For the avoidance of doubt, and to be consistent, could the following roads have green hash marks indicated to the end of the road:
    • Cutfield Close
    • Poyntz Close
    • Deer Close
    • Selsey Road (entrance between No.s 41 & 43)
  • Some roads have not been marked at all on the Map. Some of these may be “unadopted”, but not all have been marked accordingly on the list of roads. Confirmation of status required:
    • Queens Avenue
    • Queens Gardens
    • Nursery Mews
    • Pecketts Gate
    • Windmill Close
  • The following road is not included on the map or the list of roads, confirmation of status required:
    • Nursery Mews


2. All roads where street parking is allowed should have single sided parking only (which may or may not be staggered – depending on road configuration). We think that double-sided parking (even on the wider roads in the Zone A area) is not appropriate for the following reasons:


  • Feedback from one of our group is that larger emergency vehicles would not be able to negotiate the roads in the area with double sided parking.
  • Double-sided parking also significantly obscures the view (of pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles) for vehicles exiting their drives.
  • Double-sided parking restricts traffic flow off the main through-routes (e.g. at the Grosvenor Road / Stockbridge Road junction – traffic queueing to turn north out of Grosvenor Road block the entrance for more than two vehicles turning left from the southbound Stockbridge Road. As a result, traffic often backs-up towards the Stockbridge Roundabout on the A27). This is dangerous and causes significant congestion.
  • This is a very important issue for the DonTAG group. However, the potential for increased traffic speeds due to wider road space should be mitigated, either by staggering the parking or some other method.


3. All existing painted road signs (e.g. double yellow lines, white lines, “H” drive markings, yellow box junctions etc.) should be repainted. Many are very faded.


4. All road junctions in the Parish (not just those on main through-roads) should have double-yellow lines painted in line with Highway Code rule 243: (“DO NOT stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space”). Currently, many vehicles park too close to and around junctions, obscuring the view for all users of the roads and pathways. They also cause obstructions from an access perspective.


5. Confirmation is required of the likely positions of any necessary road furniture.


6. White “H” lines should be painted across driveways for those residents requesting them. It is preferable if this could be funded by WSCC. If residents must fund this, could we have a “volume” related discount if we all order them at the same time?


7. The priority for the allocation permits is clearly stated in Section 18 of the “Common Q & A” document, but we would seek further clarification on:


  • Once the parking configuration has been designed, confirmation of the total number of “permit spaces” per road.
  • How the process will be managed such that, for example, persons at a single residence cannot purchase numerous permits which reduces the availability for other residences.
  • Will there be a “limit per residence”?
  • Before the wider population (i.e. non-residents) are given the opportunity to purchase permits, residents should be given a second opportunity to purchase permits, with relevant information being given at the same time along the following lines:
  • Zone / Road: Total Permits = 100; Residents Permits Issued = 80; Available Permits = 20


Once the residents have had a second chance to purchase permits, the balance should then be offered to the wider population.


Confirmation is required on how visitors permits would be allocated, controlled and policed.


8. Would the new care home (or anyone else) be able to “block purchase” visitors permits? If so, how would this be controlled (especially as the care home developers clearly stated in their planning application that they would not need to use any on-street parking for staff or visitors)?


9. The resident’s permits are allocated specifically for each vehicle – will all other permit categories also be vehicle specific?


10. How will WSCC manage residents permits for individuals who, due to requirements of their job, bring home many different vehicles (sometimes a different one each day – e.g. due to the availability of pool cars)?


11. A box junction is required at the crossroads of Stockbridge Road; Grosvenor Road; Stockbridge Gardens.


31 March 2019