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Wiston Avenue playing field

Donnington residents, for many years, have enjoyed a safe and sunny leisure haven. Situated between Wiston Avenue and Grenville Gardens, Donnington Parish Council maintain a superb playing field area which has attractions for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a quiet, sunny place to read a book or have a picnic, or a place to play basketball or football with friends, Donnington residents have all this right on their doorstep. The playing field also has a wide range of climbing equipment for toddlers to teenagers, as well as a see-saw and swings.

Over the years, the playing field has been host to a number of community events from sponsored Brownie walks to community fun days, from inter-street football games to a mosaic project.

The mosaic was created in 1994 by Jane Pointet working with local children to mark the opening of the playing field and is soon to be restored.

The playing field was created following a long publicity and fund raising campaign by a group of local parents and was taken over by the Parish Council in 1986. It is currently leased by the council from WSCC. The Parish Council maintains the playing field. It is regularly monitored by our Litter Warden and one of our Councillors regularly inspects for safety and faults.

In 2015 and 2016 the Parish Council successfully bid for grant funding to replace some of the play equipment and add new pieces following feedback from local parents.

Contact: Nicola Swann via email donningtonpc@gmail.com