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About Donnington

The Parish has around 2000 residents and is located due south of Chichester from the A27 bypass and stretches southwards across the fields of the Manhood Peninsula to Sidlesham.

The more modern residential area to the north is astride the busy A286 Stockbridge Road, known by some as Stockbridge after the local Anglo-Saxon hundred (administrative district) of that name. Here is our Parish Hall with its many activity groups and which alternates with Saint George`s Church in the original village of Donnington itself as the venue for church services. Here too is a row of shops and a surprising number of small local businesses.

The village lies a little distant on the B2201 centrally in the Parish. With church records dating from A.D.966 and Donnington is recorded in the Doomsday Book, this was and still is the agricultural heart of the community. While the forge, the schoolhouse and the tailor`s shop may now be private residences, major farms remain, albeit employing modern methods and business practices. 

A wealth of flora and fauna abound and may be enjoyed along the public footpaths (including part of the original Selsey Tramway route) or by following the Chichester Canal towpath. Whether semi-rural or semi-urban, depending on your viewpoint, Donnington is largely detached from, yet still within easy reach of the bustle of Chichester city.