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Parish Council vacancies

ou have an interest in your local environment, local transport, local government finances, amenities, planning and housing issues, community events, anti-social behaviour and policing?  If you would like to get involved in making decisions about your local community, local issues and make a significant contribution to the area in which you live or work, then this could be the position for you!

The Parish Council currently has vacancies for two Councillors.  We intend to fill these vacancies by a process called Co-Option, which is where current members of the Council decide who the new Councillors will be.

Councillors who join via the Co-Option route will serve for the rest of the civic term, ie to May 2023.

Who can be a Councillor?

 To be able to stand as a candidate at a parish council election in England or a community council election in Wales
you must:
• be at least 18 years old
• be a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any member state of the European Union, and
• meet at least one of the following four qualifications:
a. You are, and will continue to be, registered as a local government elector for the parish/community in which you wish to stand from the day of your nomination onwards.
b. You have occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in the parish/community area during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election.
c. Your main or only place of work during the 12 months prior to the day of your nomination and the day of election has been in the parish.
d. You have lived in the parish or within three miles of it during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election.
 Unless ten electors of the Parish give written notice to the Proper Officer of Chichester District Council by 30 June 2020, requesting an election to fill this vacancy, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option at its July meeting.

How do I apply?

Please contact the Clerk, either by email donningtonpc@gmail.com or phone 07971787714 with brief details of your suitability for the role.  Applicants will be asked to attend our July meeting, where they will be invited to give a brief summary of their areas of interest and what skills they can offer the Council.

We can arrange for you to speak with one of our current Councillors if you would like to hear more about what it is like to be a Parish Councillor.