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Freedom of information

Donnington Parish Council signed a declaration in December 2002 stating that they had adopted a Model Scheme entitled Model Publication Scheme for Local Councils (core classes only).

Council internal practice and procedure

  •  Minutes of council, committee and sub-committee meetings – limited to last 2 years.
  • Procedural standing orders.
  • Councils Annual Report to Parish Meeting.

Code of conduct 

  • Members declaration of Acceptance of Office.
  • Members Register of Interests.
  • Registers of Members Interest Book.

Periodic electoral review

  • This is information concerning changes to the electoral arrangements for parish, town and community councils. It includes recommendations for the creation of new wards, proposals for the creation of new wards, the amendments of existing wards, proposals for the names of new wards and alterations to the number of councillors to be elected to the council.
  • Information relating to the last Periodic Electoral Review of the council area.
  • Information relating to the latest boundary review of the council area.

Employment practice and procedure

  • Terms and conditions of employment.
  • Job descriptions.

Planning documents

  • Responses to planning applications.

Audits and accounts

  • Annual return form – limited to last financial year. 
  • Annual Statutory report by auditor (internal and external) – limited to last financial year. 
  • Receipt/Payments books, all receipt books, bank statements from all accounts – limited to last financial year. 
  • Precept requests – limited to last financial year. 
  • Vat records – limited to last financial year. 
  • Financial Standing Orders and Regulations. 
  • Assets register. 
  • Risk assessments. 

This information is available in hard copy on request from the clerk of the council, or inspection, by prior appointment.