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Chichester District Council is currently consulting on plans to impose a strategic site of approximately 85 hectares of land in Apuldram and Donnington, of which 33 hectares will be for employment use (an industrial estate), 100 dwellings and a new link road connecting the A27/A259 Fishbourne Roundabout with the Birdham Road. 
In addition, in order to mitigate the impact of this and other planned developments on the Manhood Peninsula, there are proposals to alter 5 junctions along the A27, including NO RIGHT TURN at Stockbridge and Whyke roundabouts.  This effectively means to go East from Donnington, residents will need to head round the Fishbourne Roundabout (to be "upgraded" to a hamburger roundabout), through town or on the back roads across Donnington Village, Hunston and North Mundham.  The Parish Council believes that these plans are not acceptable as they stand and will UNFAIRLY IMPACT on Donnington residents.

The Consultation runs until 7th February 2019.  To read the full details of the Consultation, visit Chichester District Council's website here (This includes details of how you can respond to the Consultation, and where more information is available): 

Also to the side is Instructions for providing feedback to Chichester Local Plan Review 2035 for you to download

Donnington Parish Council have produced a list of 10 bullet points which you might like to consider when you prepare your response to the consultation.  DPC's response will be based on these points.  You should also remember to include an alternative to the proposed site as CDC will have to find sites for the housing numbers somewhere in the district.  Simply saying "no" will not be enough to change the plans.  We have included our bullet points on the back of this letter.   WHERE CAN I GET ME HELP WITH MY REPLY?  
Donnington Parish Council is holding 2 drop in sessions on 29th January 2019 6.30pm-8.30pm and 30th January 2019 2.30pm-6.30pm at Donnington Parish Hall to help residents understand the issues and prepare their responses.  


Donnington residents will be hugely disadvantaged by proposed changes to A27 access arrangements under Policy S23 and the Peter Brett Associates report - effectively no access to the East from Donnington (or the Manhood Peninsula) via A27 unless residents either head West first, encountering the amended Fishbourne Roundabout which will prioritise through traffic and will include an additional junction.  Alternative routes to the East are either through the City or via unsuitable "back roads", increasing traffic levels through Hunston and North Mundham. Increased traffic from Whyke (facing the same issue) will cause even more congestion between Donnington and Fishbourne.

  • Site AL6 Land South West of Chichester (Apuldram and Donnington parishes) includes a flood plain.  Using data from CDC's flood plain assessment, the average height of flood water on the River Lavant is 2.05 metres (6.07 feet) above datum (sea level). This means that the road will have to be elevated by at least 2.5 metres and more with the supporting structures and road thickness itself. Therefore nearer 4 metres (13 feet). This would destroy the iconic views of the cathedral framed by the South Downs.  The protection proposed by para 3 of Policy AL6 is unachievable. REMOVE POLICY AL6
  • Each of the five junction modifications will require three years of work. This means 15 years of misery for Chichester residents whilst the junction works take place.  We all remember the chaos caused by the replacement of one footbridge in Stockbridge, bringing gridlock to the area. (Policy S23 and Peter Brett Associates Transport Assessment)
  • Overall, the plans for improvements to the junctions are to the advantage of through traffic not local residents. The proposals bear a marked similarity to Option 3a from the Highways England Improvements to the Chichester A27 Bypass consultation, which were emphatically rejected by the local community - in Donnington and across the whole of Chichester. (Policy SP23 and Peter Brett Transport Assessment)
  • Air Quality will further deteriorate as a result of the proposed plans. Stockbridge already exceeds the recommended air quality levels and development on this scale will increase the problem.  This has serious health implications for residents. (Policy DM24 & SP28)
  • The South Downs National Park should take its allocation of 41 dwellings per annum - without some low level development in the Park, particularly social housing, communities there will not thrive. (Policy S3, Policy S5 & Policy S19 )
  • There are no proposals for any new primary schools in the Manhood Peninsula.  This will only increase pressure on current schools to provide more places, and lead to increased traffic on the roads as parents are forced to commute to schools outside their local area where spaces may be available.
  • Impact on ecology -  the Chichester Harbour and surrounding area are designated as an Area  of Outstanding Natural Beauty and have the status of being a Special Protection Area, Special Area of Conservation, Site of Special Scientific Interest and is a Ramsar site.  It is wholly inappropriate to consider development on this scale in such close proximity to an area with this status.  There will be a significantly adverse impact on the ecology of the area and mitigation is not sufficient.  (Policy S18 Integrated Coastal Management Zone Manhood)
  • Green tourism is a very important part of the Manhood Peninsula economy and to overdevelop and spoil the natural environment which attracts this trade would be inappropriate and hugely detrimental (Policy S18 Integrated Coastal Management Zone Manhood)
  • A viable alternative site is available for industrial development within the buffer zone at Goodwood and the employment land should be allocated there. (Policy AL6, S15, S16) 

DONNINGTON PARISH COUNCIL - CONTACT THE CLERK, NICOLA SWANN, AT, call 07752248905 or follow us on Facebook for more updates.