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New partnership for dog warden service


Chichester District Dog Wardens have teamed up with kennels located in Hambrook to provide the out of hours' service for stray dogs from 1 May.

The Dog Wardens will carry out their normal duties between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. However, any strays found between 5pm and 9pm Monday to Friday or between 9am and 9pm at the weekends, will be dealt with by Amberley Kennels in Hambrook.

Any dogs found during normal working hours will also be placed at Amberley Kennels, until they are reunited with their owner, or a new owner is found.

If someone finds a stray dog they have a legal duty to report it. If this occurs out of hours, they must take it to Amberley Kennels in Hambrook; they can hold onto the dog until the Dog Wardens are back on duty; or if they know who the dog belongs to, they can return the dog to its owner.

"This is a minor change to the service," says Cllr John Connor, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Chichester District Council. "The main difference is that if someone finds a stray dog at night or during the weekend from 1 May, they will have to take any stray dogs to Hambrook rather than Chichester. We will shortly no longer have our own kennels and will use the ones at Hambrook instead. The phone number remains the same and people should continue to call 01243 785166.

"We also want to remind people of the importance of micro-chipping their dog and making sure they have a tag on. This can save a lot of distress for both the dog and its owners if the dog goes missing."