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Donnington Parish Council Newsletter - Summer 2013


The Donnington Parish Council Newsletter for Summer 2013 is now available

Barratt Homes Development

Having been defeated at the Area Development Management Committee, the Barratts application for 112 houses at Southfields Close was referred to the Planning Applications Referral Committee. That meeting turned out to be a complete farce. There were six people speaking against the application and two for. The six who spoke against all gave well-structured, coherent and powerful cases - all of which were ignored by the committee who passed the application without dissent. As we said afterwards, democracy was ill-served at that meeting.

The Parish Council have since sent a strongly worded letter of complaint to the Chief Executive of Chichester District Council, Diane Shepherd. She has since replied with a somewhat anodyne response claiming that CDC, in particular the Planning Department, were squeaky clean.

We do not intend to let the matter rest. In fact, we have written to Andrew Tyrie, MP to ask for his help.

We have already raised the matter with the Local Government Ombudsman, but they are reluctant to deal with Parish Councils. This means that if residents felt the need to object, they might get a more sympathetic hearing. The District Council's complaints procedure is on their website. Effectively, in order to complain to the Ombudsman, you have first to complain to the District Council. The Ombudsman is there to act as adjudicator where parties have not been able to agree.

We have considered legal options but there is very little scope for a successful action.

One of the conditions imposed on Barratts for building their 112 houses is that all access should be via Southfields Close. If residents see any activity that they believe to be contrary to this arrangement - or, indeed any other questionable actions, they should contact either:
• The Enforcement Officer, Chichester District Council on 01243 785166
• Parish Clerk, Nicola Jones on 07752 248905 or

It is worth noting that Barratts still have a number of other conditions to fulfil before they are clear to start building.

Garage Site
There has been some activity at the garage site. Men have been seen with measuring instruments. This may have been the result of the Parish Council contacting the Enforcement Officer. Should no further developments take place, we will contact the Enforcement Officer again.

Selsey Tram
Building is progressing apace. One of the entrances will be slightly further east than on the plans. The effects are likely to be minimal to anyone not involved in the site.

Old Post Office Cottages site, Birdham Road
There are indications that work may be commencing on the site of the Old Post Office in the near future.

Donnington Parish Council
At the Annual Assembly in May, the Parish Council Chairman, Jim Oliver, announced his intention to retire in the summer of this year. His last meeting will be in July when there will be an election for a new Chairman.

This will create a vacancy for a councillor. Anyone interested should contact the Clerk, Nicola Jones on 07752 248905 or

Parish Councillors attend (evening) meetings on the second Monday of alternate months (6 per year). Some councillors take on additional duties as their other commitments allow.