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We all know about "Britain in Bloom" and how it has brightened the public areas in towns and villages but have you heard about "Edible Britain"? The Royal Horticultural Society ( RHS) is sponsoring a scheme to encourage local groups (which includes Donnington Horticultural Society) to plant up spare or neglected spaces with vegetables and herbs.

These will consist of a plot or border accessible to the public and who will help with sowing and planting and looking after the plants and sharing the resulting harvest.

In March the RHS is sending to us a collection of suitable seeds (free !) Does anyone please have any idea as to where we could make such a plot ?

It should be by one of our main roads so that as many people as possible can see it.

Also if we and find somewhere we shall need help with preparing and planting and other jobs in the hope of making a bit of an unusual show for passers by.

These have already been very successfully completed in various other parts of the Country.

Anyone with ideas or offers of help please contact Brian Turbefield on 01243 782729.

Further information on the RHS website.