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Changes to public conveniences


Chichester District Council's Cabinet will discuss potential changes to public conveniences in the district following a detailed review. Options include changes to the cleaning contract, changes to the management of facilities and a limited closure plan. If all the options are agreed it will reduce the cost to the taxpayer by at least £100,000. The Cabinet will meet to discuss the changes on Tuesday 5 February.

The changes recommended are:

·       to close, by March 2014, the following public conveniences - Cathedral Way in Chichester due to low usage and because another public convenience is located within 350m, Florence Park in Chichester due to its low usage, and Wisborough Green due to its low usage and because another public convenience is available only three miles away;

·       Lifeboat Station at Selsey - the council continues negotiations on the lease of council land to the RNLI for a new Lifeboat Station, including a public convenience provided by the RNLI. Once this is built this will replace the council facility.

·       to transfer management of Pound Road public conveniences to West Wittering Parish Council by March 2014;

·       to request £20,000 annual contribution towards the running of Chichester city centre public conveniences from Chichester City Council; and

·       potential changes to the cleaning contract.

The council will also look to reduce its public conveniences cleaning contract by transferring some maintenance functions in-house.

The council will also save £4,000 when the new Midhurst Community and Leisure Centre is built.

The changes are being recommended following a public consultation. When asked people who took part in the consultation said if closures were necessary, only sites with low usage should be considered.

Councillor John Connor, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Chichester District Council, says: "Budget cuts are increasingly forcing difficult decisions such as these on us. We have carried out a detailed review, including assessing the usage and the proximity of other public conveniences. However, it is a tough decision to make a recommendation to close any public convenience. Although there is no duty on local authorities to provide and operate public conveniences, we believe that this as an important community service. However, like all other services, we need to continually review what we are delivering to make sure that residents are receiving the best value for money."