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All systems go for Co-wheels Car Club Chichester


Co-wheels Car Club Chichester, the first of its kind in the city, was launched on Saturday (17 November). Volunteers from businesses and the local community have helped to get the scheme up and running. The club aims to provide the community with a new way to access a private vehicle, while saving money and reducing car ownership in the city centre.

The two cars have been given dedicated parking spaces, one in East Street and one in West Street, where members of the club can collect them. Technology fitted in the car will recognise the card provided to the club member, and they will then have access to the vehicle.

The club is being provided by Co-wheels, a national provider, and members will be able to use any of the 180 cars based in the UK.

It costs £25 to join the club and there is a minimum monthly fee of £5 (deducted from the booking charges). Members then pay £4.50 to hire a car for one hour and 21p per mile that they travel. The membership fee and the costs per mile thereafter cover all the costs associated with the car. This includes insurance, road tax, the upkeep of the car - and even petrol.

If you do less than 100 miles per week then using a car club vehicle should save you money.

Co-wheels Car Club Chichester steering group chairman, Daire Casey, says: "The volunteer group is really excited about delivering car club cars to the streets of Chichester.

"We have worked hard on the detail of this project to make sure that the club is as attractive as possible to the residents and workers of Chichester. To that end we have secured convenient and safe town centre parking locations and the offer of high quality vehicles with a sophisticated booking system."

Cllr John Connor, Cabinet Member for Environment at Chichester District Council, says: "It's great to see the volunteer group's hard work come to fruition. By working with Co-wheels the group can offer not only two cars for local residents and visitors to use in Chichester, but also the opportunity to use vehicles from around the country." 

The car club is a collaboration between the community, Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council using DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Air Quality Grant money, together with match-funding from the county council.

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