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Save money and energy


Residents in the Chichester District can save money by looking at how they use and pay for their energy.

Fuel bills have been on the rise, but the average household in the UK could save up to £300 a year by:

·       switching energy suppliers;

·       making small changes to the way you use energy;

·       investing in cavity-walls and loft insulation;

·       installing energy efficient appliances and boilers; and,

·       producing your own energy.

There are still a number of discounts on home insulation available. Some free offers are now available to everyone, subject to conditions and availability, not just those who are aged over 70 or on certain benefits

"The Energy Saving Trust estimates cavity wall insulation will save an average three-bedroom home up to £135 a year. Properly-fitted loft insulation can save £175 a year, as about a quarter of your heat is lost via the roof - so it is worth doing!" says Sophie Casenave, Home Energy Visitor at Chichester District Council and Arun District Council.

"I would encourage residents interested in improving their home's energy efficiency to explore whether the existing offers are right for their particular circumstances by having a free survey done by an insulation company. But you have to hurry! The grant scheme will be closing by the end of 2012 and some installers are already full and may not take additional customers at this stage."

Vulnerable residents, living in privately rented and owner occupied housing, can also take advantage of the Arun and Chichester Wellbeing Home Service. During a home visit, a qualified energy expert can show them how to use heating controls effectively, keep warm and well in the cold and save energy in their homes. In some cases, the home energy visitor may be able to install free energy and water saving devices including electricity monitors, draught proofing, light bulbs, radiator panels and water flow reducers. Signposting to further help, such as grants for heating and insulation, will also be available.

For more information, please contact the Home Energy Visitor on 01243 521041 or email

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