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A helping hand to a healthier new year


Many of us set New Year's resolutions but find it difficult to start or stick to them - but help is at hand. Chichester District Council's Wellbeing service is free, friendly, and impartial, and can help you reach your goals. It aims to help you improve your health and wellbeing through small lifestyle changes.

"The New Year is traditionally a time when we all set ourselves a new goal, like losing some weight, giving up smoking, or getting more fit and active," says Elaine Thomas, Health Development Manager at Chichester District Council.

"Our Wellbeing Advisors can help you work out how you can reach your goal, safely and healthily. Through one-to-one appointments they can be there with you every step of the way to help you stick to your target. The appointments can be made at a time and location to suit you, and you can chat to our advisors over the phone as well."

The Wellbeing Advisors are a one-stop source of information, guidance and support for people living and working in the Chichester District:

·       Maryse and Claire - cover the Manhood Peninsula and the surrounding areas;

·       Sylvia - covers Chichester and the surrounding areas; and,

·       Susan - covers Midhurst, Petworth and the surrounding areas.

The team can advise people on issues including:

·       healthier eating;

·       weight management;

·       becoming more active individually and as a family;

·       having more energy;

·       feeling happier;

·       sensible alcohol drinking;

·       stopping smoking; and,

·       keeping warm and well by joining the Wellbeing Home programme, which offers free home energy visits.

They can also signpost you to new Wellbeing Weight Loss Workshops in the local area and introduce you to the Wellbeing Activity Leader who can help support you to be more active in ways that suit you.

The team has lots of tips, including:

1.      reduce your alcohol intake

Instead of having a drink to reduce your stress levels, why not go for a walk or cycle ride? This will help relax you and help you sleep!

2.      get active

Staying active helps keep a healthy body and mind - and a small change can make a big difference. 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week will help keep you in good general health.

3.      meet new people

Many factors influence how we feel - being social and seeing family, friends and doing things that make you happy will help improve your wellbeing. So if you're goal is to get active, you can meet new people through social walks, or take a friend to a class to help keep you motivated.

4.      eat a healthy diet

Good food is essential to good health, whatever age you are. Eating a balanced diet will not only keep you healthy, but also reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Our top tips include eating more fruit, vegetables and fish, base your meals on starchy foods, cut down on salt, drink plenty of water, and always have breakfast!

5.      Keep warm

It's important to make sure you stay warm. Our new Wellbeing Home service will help keep you warm, and your home comfortable and more energy efficient. If your home is cold and damp, you're suffering from health conditions, or worried about your heating bills, you could be eligible for a free Home Energy Visit. To find out more call us on 01243 521041 or email

6.      Stop smoking, start living

Going smoke free isn't easy, but when you see the drastic improvements to your life and health, you'll want to get your action plan going as quickly as you can. And, you could save around £1,980 a year by quitting (based on 20 cigarettes a day)!

You can find more tips on Chichester District Wellbeing's website.

For more information, or to book an appointment, call 01243 521041, email or go to

The information is being released as part of the council's 'Countdown to Christmas' campaign. Its aim is to help residents prepare for the festive season - from events and activities, to important information. This can be found at