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Helping to keep you warm this winter


Free home energy visits are now available for vulnerable residents in Arun and Chichester.

Living in a warm home can help prevent serious health problems made worse by the cold, such as heart and breathing problems. The free visits will help residents get the best deal on their energy and make their home warmer and more comfortable this winter. They are being run by the District Councils, in partnership with the NHS.

A qualified home energy expert will show residents how to use heating controls effectively, and share tips on how to keep warm and well in the cold and save energy in their homes. Free equipment may also be installed, such as low energy light bulbs, energy monitors and radiator reflectors, which reflect heat from behind the radiator back into the room.

One client from Chichester contacted the Wellbeing Team at Chichester District Council to make sure she was doing everything she could to save money and keep warm. She says: "I've only been in this house a year; I was at my last house for 40 years. I was sent a letter to say that I was eligible for some free help and I thought I might just as well take advantage of it.

"I try to be as green as I can and I wanted to see if I was doing the best that I could. When you're living on your own, after 40 years of living in another house, it is difficult to know what to do.

"I didn't know how to work my boiler as it is a totally different one to what I had before. Sophie, the Home Energy Advisor, showed me how to set it so that it comes on when I need it to rather than all the time. She gave me advice on what level of eco-friendly light bulbs to use as I need a bright light to read. She also installed radiator reflectors behind my radiators to make sure the room is being heated and not the walls.

"Sophie has been very helpful. It's nice to have someone look round and give you advice."

To find out if you qualify for a Wellbeing Home Energy Visit, contact your local Wellbeing hub. Chichester District residents should call 01243 521041 or email Arun District residents should call 01903 737862 or email