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Council reminds residents to make sure they notify them if circumstances change


Chichester District Council is reminding residents who claim a single person discount on council tax to let them know if their circumstances change. Around 17,000 people currently claim a single person discount, which gives 25% off the council tax bill.

"We want to remind residents that if their circumstances change and they are no longer living alone, they need to let us know as soon as possible," says Cllr Tony Dignum, Cabinet Member for Finance at Chichester District Council.

"We will soon be taking part in a West Sussex county-wide initiative to check that those who are claiming single person discount are living alone. The audit will also help to identify where people are claiming discounts that they are not entitled to. This is not the first time this has been done, with the council conducting its own checks in previous years.

"We want to make sure that the discount is being given to those who are genuinely entitled to it. People who claim a discount to which they are not entitled are cheating the system and placing an unfair burden on those residents who are paying their full council tax."

West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources Michael Brown says: "The County, District and Borough Councils are very keen to make sure that only those people who are eligible are claiming their discount of a quarter off their Council Tax bill.

"In this difficult financial climate, this is a particularly important exercise. Not only do we need to make sure that entitled residents are receiving it, but equally that people aren't claiming the discount if their circumstances have changed and they are no longer eligible."

The new county-wide audit is due to start in the next few weeks and will last for approximately five months.

If your circumstances have changed, or you would like to check that you are receiving the correct discount or exemption, please contact the Council Tax team on 01243 534501, email  or go to .

For benefit enquiries please contact the Benefits Team on 01243 534509, email  or go to