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Donnington Parish Newsletter - Summer 2012


The Donnington Parish Newsletter for Summer 2012

Selsey Tram Site
There have been several rumours recently about the future of the Selsey Tram site, none of which has yet been substantiated. The rumour that the old public house would be demolished and replaced by 22 houses and a 'convenience' store has also not been borne out - yet.

Queen's Jubilee
The Parish Hall Committee held a superb Jubilee Lunch on the 26th May. It was incredibly well organised by Debbie Harper and Cis Bartram with a lot of help from a lot of people. It was well received by all who attended.

There will be tree-planting ceremony outside the Parish Hall later in the year (end of November or early December) to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Possible Development
Barratt Homes have sent in plans for 100 new homes on the land between Southfields Close and the canal. At the time of going to press, the application had not appeared on the District Council website. It has to go through a 'validation' process first to check that there are no obvious errors.

A number of residents have said that this application is a 'foregone conclusion'. We beg to differ. Admittedly, the odds appear to be stacked in the developer's favour, but we believe that there are a number of issues on which we can oppose the plans. We also have the support of other parishes on the Manhood Peninsula who don't want the roads clogged up even more than they are already.

When the plans have been validated, residents are advised to write to Chichester District Council telling them exactly what they think of the proposals and why. This can be done by letter or email - both are equally valid. Earlier this year, David Cameron said that councils should listen to the views of residents when considering planning applications and take them into account.

As you know, we have already conducted two surveys relating to this application. So that there is no doubt as to local views on the subject, there will be a public meeting to discuss the proposals on Saturday, 29th September at 10.00 a.m. at the Parish Hall.

Ideally, it would be most useful to form an objectors' group to demonstrate the depth of local opposition. Failing that it is essential we know how many residents do wish to object and on what grounds so please do come along on 29th and give us your views .

Playing Field
We are still looking for volunteers to help run Fun Days at the playing field. If anyone is interested, please contact the clerk, Nicola Jones.

Neighbourhood Plan
As we mentioned in the Spring Newsletter, we are working on a Neighbourhood Plan to describe what sort of parish we want in the future. This can only work with the help of residents.
If you would like to be involved and can spare an hour a month , please contact the Parish Clerk, Nicola Jones (Tel. 07752 248905; email.

Playing Field Dog Control Order
In response to concerns from local residents, the Parish Council is considering introducing a Dog Control Order for the Playing Field. The proposals have been advertised in the Chichester Observer and full details can be found on the website and the noticeboards in the Parish. Any comments about the proposal should be received by the Clerk by 16th August. The police and Chichester District Council have been kept informed at every stage of the application and are ready to support and, if necessary, enforce it.

Donnington Parish Website
The Parish Council website is It is regularly updated and contains useful information about a range of matters. Suggestions for improving it are always welcome.

Madestein development at Almodington.
The appeal hearing concerning the application to build massive greenhouses at Almodington has now concluded and the result is due on 13th August 2012.

Neighbourhood Management Panel
There is to be a local (Donnington) meeting with Police on 15th Aug at 7pm in the Parish Hall.

Next Meeting
Please note that the September meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Blacksmith's Arms on 11th September 2012 - this is a change to the previously published date and venue.