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Residents advised to prepare for bad weather


Chichester District Council is today advising its residents to prepare for further bad weather. Weather reports indicate that the district could suffer from further heavy rainfall on Friday. "The bad weather is likely to return and so we want to advise residents to make sure that they are prepared," says Cllr John Connor, Cabinet Member for the Environment.

"Our website ( offers advice on where sandbags can be purchased and what you should do if your house is flooded. It also offers key tips on how to prevent flooding.

"If your house is flooded you should call 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade. You must also switch off your electric and gas supply.

"We hold a supply of sandbags, but these will be given to the most vulnerable and will be used to protect infrastructure such as roads or electrical sub-stations. We do not have the stocks to supply all households. Due to this, if you feel you are at risk, we would advise you to purchase sandbags in preparation for any further bad weather." 

If your property is flooded you are also advised to:

·       switch off the electric and gas supply;

·       tune into your local radio to listen for advice about warnings in your area;

·       put in place any flood protection equipment to block doors, windows, air bricks and ground floor toilets;

·       move any high value items to high ground;

·       tie up curtains;

·       if possible, roll up carpets and move to high ground;

·       move any furniture to high ground. If this not possible stack the furniture with low value items at the bottom;

·       gather any medication. Put in a watertight bag and keep it with you;

·       tie up and secure any rubbish to prevent escape;

·       move any chemicals to high ground;

·       be prepared to be evacuated. If you have a ready bag keep it close by;

·       prepare a spare set of clothing and toiletries and place them in a bag;

·       prepare a supply of food and hot drinks;

·       do not allow children to touch the flood water; and

·       consider the risks of contaminated water.

For further information, please visit You can also keep up-to-date with the latest advice on the council's website and social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.