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Potential changes to supported bus services / Bus User Survey


A decision has been made to reduce financial support for non-commercial bus services by £2m. This figure accounts for around 2m of the 24m journeys made on the bus network each year. The reductions in financial support will be phased over 3 years with the intention of achieving £2m over the three years.

A cross party Members' Working Group, chaired by John O'Brien, has been working hard with officers and local operators to make recommendations to achieve savings with the minimum impact possible. One decision has been made in July about these bus routes and a decision in early December will happen, which will determine funding for the remainder of the routes.

The Working Group has also been working towards a second public engagement, which will help to inform the next decision relating to Phase 3.  Any change to local bus services could affect many people who rely on them and therefore achieving reductions is a very complex task.  

An 8 week Bus User Survey will be embarked upon with the public in advance of the Working Group making recommendation for the third decision due to be made in April 2012. It is  important that the public are aware of this survey and the opportunity to comment on behalf themselves.  

Below is a link which explains the purpose of the Bus User Survey that is being conducted, and which contains a list of those WSCC funded services will be scrutinised.  These services are therefore the ones that may be affected next autumn.  The decision will only be made after an analysis of the Bus User Survey results and worked with the bus operators and other stakeholders. Please note that the removal of a subsidy does not necessarily mean the end of a service and possible alternatives with bus companies are currently being discussed.

Passengers can take part in the survey from 23 November 2011 - 17 January 2012.

Further information, FAQs and a link to the survey itself are available at