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Vulnerable people offered a lifeline this Christmas


Families across the district with vulnerable relatives are being offered reassurance this Christmas through Chichester Careline. This service, which has been open for the past 24 Christmases, operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. It is run by Chichester District Council and is a personal alarm service for anyone who wants to live safely and independently. It allows you to call for help in an emergency, whatever the time of day or night. Whether it's 3pm in the afternoon or 3am in the morning, Careline's professionally trained operators are available to help. The service costs from as little as 54p a day.

Chichester Careline currently supports more than 2,000 people within their homes across the district. They also provide safety and security for local businesses who have staff that often work alone. The service began in 1987.

Careline Manager Brenda Jackson says: "Chichester Careline is literally a lifeline. It is like a fourth emergency service to users who contact the centre in their moment of need. All of our operators are trained to deal with the calls and make sure people are safe."

A special alarm unit links to the resident's telephone. Careline provides them with a pendant with a button that can be worn around their neck or wrist.

In an emergency, whether the resident is in their house or garden they can press the red button on the pendant. This will call the control centre and the resident will be answered by one of the trained operators. Even if you are unable to speak, or the operator can't hear you, the operator will know who is calling and send help.

The operator will assess the situation then alert the most suitable person or agency. This may be a doctor, relatives, neighbours, emergency services, key holder or Chichester Careline's mobile warden service.

Chichester Careline also offers a variety of other solutions. The basic monitoring system can be added to, to suit individual requirements. This could include minimising an alarm holder's risk from fire, falling, extremes of temperature, bogus callers or intruders. It is achieved by linking smoke, gas, movement and flood detectors to the monitoring system. The mobile warden service can also offer weekly home visit. It is aimed at those who do not have family and friends living locally to support them. The wardens are first aid trained.

It's not just older people that use Careline. It may be:
·       an elderly parent who lives alone;
·       someone who lives alone and feel vulnerable;
·       a carer - young or old
·       someone with a disability; or
·       someone who has recently been discharged from hospital.
By having access to a Careline alarm, the user has much more independence. They can feel secure that they can go about their normal lives but just in case anything happens, Careline staff will be there to help them.

Using the service residents can call for help if they experience:
·       medical emergencies;
·       anti-social behaviour;
·       bogus caller and distraction burglary;
·       fire;
·       falls; or
·       power cuts.
It is also offers the reassurance that someone is there to help if they need it.
The service also acts as Chichester District Council's out-of-hours provision. It is the first point of contact for members of the public who need help out of normal working hours.

Councillor Eileen Lintill, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Wellbeing at Chichester District Council, says: "Our operators work 24 hours a day throughout the year helping people live safely and independently. The service supports the whole family - from young carers, to lone workers, to those who want to maintain their independence.

"For family members it also provides the reassurance that a loved one has the care and support when they can't be there."

To find out more about Chichester Careline please call 01243 778688. The service can be installed before Christmas.

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