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Residents asked to pay for replacement bins


Residents will be asked to pay for replacement bins in the future, in order to help keep Chichester District Council's costs down. This is part of the council's ongoing requirement to make savings due to a reduction in its government grant.

Full Council agreed yesterday (19 July) that residents will be asked to pay £30 per 240L bin, including delivery, if they need a replacement. They also agreed that those who receive Council Tax benefit will get a 20% discount on the cost of a new bin.

"The wheeled bins that we use are good quality and the oldest ones in our district are eight years old. They are made to last for anywhere between 15 and 20 years if they are looked after," says Cllr John Connor, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Community Safety.

"Funding for local authorities has been reduced, and we need to make significant savings. If we had to replace all of the bins in the district at current prices, the cost would be around £2 million. By asking residents to cover this small amount, it will help us protect other services by making an annual saving of just over £80,000.

"Before the introduction of the current wheeled bin services, most residents throughout the district provided and maintained their own waste containers. When the new recycling scheme was introduced, it was decided to provide the new, wheeled bins free of charge. Implicit in this was that eventually residents would replace their bins as they had in the past."

All the council's refuse trucks have an in cab communication system, which allow the crews to report back any damage caused by the emptying process. The depot also has stickers available for residents to place their address on their bin if they wish to do so.

In locations where bins are shared, such as flats, the residents' association, management agent or equivalent will be requested to cover the costs.

Many councils with established wheeled bin services currently charge for replacement bins, including locally East Hampshire, Fareham, Havant, Waverley and Winchester.