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Chance to register for new development at Sidlesham


Residents have the opportunity to register for a new affordable housing development in Sidlesham next Thursday (14 July 2011). Hastoe Housing Association are building five new, affordable homes at Hardy's Garden, Keynor Lane, Sidlesham.

The five new homes will include:

  • one and two bedroom flats; and,
  • three bedroom houses.

"We are really pleased to announce this new development in Sidlesham," says Cllr Janet Duncton, Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning.

"Hardy's Garden is an 'exception site', which means to gain permission to build on the land, the housing must be affordable. It must also be developed to meet a local housing need in Sidlesham. The homes will be attractive, energy efficient and will be available for rent.

"A Local Connection Registration event will take place on Thursday 14 July at the Church Hall, Church Farm Lane, Sidlesham. District Council staff and Hastoe Housing Association representatives will be available between 3-7pm to discuss the development."

Priority will be given to households that are able to prove a Local Connection to the parish of Sidlesham. When allocating the flats, additional priority will be given to households where at least one adult has full-time employment.

A Local Connection is defined as:

a current Sidlesham resident (for at least 12 months);

being permanently employed within Sidlesham (for at least 18 hours a week for at least 12 months);

having a family member already living in Sidlesham (mother, father, brother, sister or children; for a minimum of five years); or

a previous Sidlesham resident that has been forced to move away due to a lack of affordable housing.

Interested housing register applicants who feel they meet any of the Local Connection criteria must make sure the District Council has all the relevant information to allocate the properties. Please bring along to the registration event any evidence to support at least one of the Local Connections listed above. This will make sure that a bid for one of the properties is considered in line with our allocation policy.

"This event will provide an excellent opportunity to make sure housing register applications are up-to-date. There will also be an opportunity to join the housing register if you feel that you meet the requirements listed above," adds Cllr Duncton.

If you have any queries about the proof required to demonstrate a local connection, or are unable to make the appointed time, please contact the Customer Service Centre at Chichester District Council on (01243) 534734.