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Fancy a dip in shark-infested waters?


Imagine coming face to face with a mammoth roaming around the countryside or taking a dip in shark-infested tropical seas. It doesn't sound like our everyday life in West Sussex, but the landscape has seen huge changes in the past 100 million years

You can find out more at an upcoming talk, one of two talks in May on arts, culture, heritage and history in Chichester.

The first of the talks, 1066 and After: Chichester After the Norman Conquest, will take place on Friday 6 May. The talk by Terry Carlysle will look at the arrival of the Normans and their impact.

The second talk, Chichester Rocks: An Introduction To Our Local Geology, will reveal how the rocks and fossils that lie beneath the Chichester area can reveal what life was like millions of years ago.

Local geologist David Bone will give this talk on Friday 27 May. He will talk about how a quarry, a cliff, fossils found on the beach or even the shape of the landscape helps us to understand our local geology and fit the evidence together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Both talks start at 7pm and will take place in the Ravenna Suite at Westgate Leisure Chichester.

Tickets for the talks are £7 (£5 concession) and are available from Chichester Tourist Information Centre (TIC) on 01243 775888 or Chichester Tickets on 01243 813595 or