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Have you returned yours yet?


Chichester District residents are being reminded to fill in and return their census questionnaires as soon as possible.

Everyone must be included in the census - it is a legal requirement to complete and return the questionnaire. If you have not already completed and returned it – on paper or online – you should do so now.

A census collector will visit homes that have not completed the questionnaire. Collectors will offer help and advice to those who have had difficulty filling in their census forms and will supply replacement questionnaires if they have been lost or damaged.

Tania Murphy, Chichester District Council's Corporate Information Manager, says: "It's vital that every household in the Chichester District fills in and returns a census form, because the results of the census are used to plan how much funding the district gets in the future. By making sure we provide an accurate picture of life in our district, we will ensure future funding decisions about services benefit everyone who lives here."

Questionnaires can be quickly completed online at or returned in the reply-paid envelope.

Anyone requiring help can use the online help site at or
contact the 2011 Census helpline on 0300 0201 101.