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Business Broadband: West Sussex County Council needs your help


We are asking businesses in the County to help us to understand which geographical areas are affected by poor Internet connections. By completing a questionnaire on behalf of your business, you can provide the information that will help the County Council to persuade network operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to invest in badly needed improvements to the Broadband infrastructure.

We are keen to gain as many responses as possible so that local businesses and the local

economy can prosper from the opportunities a fast Broadband connection can bring.

As superfast Broadband is being rolled out across the UK, there is a risk that less commercially viable areas will be left behind, creating a "digital divide" which could damage businesses that are left on the "wrong side".

Please take this opportunity to complete the questionnaire - it will only take about 10 minutes and the information you provide will be used as a basis for both lobbying for improvements and as the basis for bids for funding that could help to bring improved quality Broadband to your area.

  • For those who have access to the Internet, an online questionnaire is available at:.
  • Printed copies of the questionnaire are available from your nearest library or call 01243 642119 and a copy will be sent to you.