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A27 Portfield Railway Bridge Refurbishment - Westbound Carriageway


We are writing on behalf of the Highways Agency to inform you of works to complete the refurbishment of the A27 Portfield Railway bridge near Chichester in West Sussex which first started in October 2009.

We carried out works to the eastbound carriageway during the weekend of 16 October 2009, but due to bad weather we were unable to complete the westbound carriageway.

We are planning on returning to the site from September 2010 to complete the work. This will involve shutting the westbound carriageway from Friday 24 September at 8pm and reopening the carriageway by Monday 27 September at 6am, with road users following a diversion route for a weekend.

Work is planned to be carried out on the weekend of 24 September, but as the work is so weather dependant we have also planned two other weekends to be used as contingencies if work is not able to be carried out on the 24 September – these are the weekends of Friday 01 October and the weekend of Friday 08 October.

We will inform the public via variable message signs on the A27, press releases to the media and the Highways Agency website if changes to the programme have to be made.

The work involves replacing the failed expansion joints, rewaterproofing and resurfacing the bridge deck, carrying out maintenance to brick work and replacing the existing safety fencing in front of the parapets.

Work is being carried out over a weekend to cause as little disruption to road users as possible and in order for materials to cure satisfactorily.

When the road is closed road users will follow the diversion route as described below:

When a westbound closure of the carriageway is in place, road users wishing to continue westbound on the A27 will be diverted at Fontwell roundabout onto the southbound A29. They will follow the A29 southbound until they reach the junction with the A259 at Bognor Regis. They will then follow the westbound A259 before rejoining the A27 at Bognor roundabout.

Our diversion routes use roads that are suitable for all road users, including LGV's. Some roads that may have made the routes shorter have not been used as they are unsuitable for LGV's, and will be signed accordingly.

Kind regards,

Kelly Tanner

On behalf of the Highways Agency