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Local Development Framework - Focus on Strategic Growth Options - Donnington Parish Council's Response


This article details Donnington Parish Council's response to the Local Development Framework - Focus on Strategic Growth Options.

Local Development Framework

Chichester District Council

Focus on Strategic Growth Options

Donnington Parish Council's Response

Question 6

Section 3 Strategic Growth Option 5 – Your Combination

Donnington PC recommends proportionate development across the District rather than an overwhelming concentration at Chichester City

Except that there should be no development south of the A27 i.e. no development

3) At Chichester South West  Location
4) Nor East Wittering/Bracklesham
5) Nor Selsey
6) Reasons are outlined at 'Additional comments'

Judicious and proportionate development at smaller towns and settlements should sustain existing infrastructure/underpin greater sustainability i.e. schools, medical facilities, local shops and pub/post offices etc. buses, small rural businesses.
This is vital to the well being of the District as a whole

Additional Comments – Option 5

Rather than overwhelming concentration of major development(s) at Chichester City, we prefer judicious mix of all options to :-

7) allow some development around city at West, North East or East sites
8) support sustainability of smaller towns/settlements to retain and improve local infrastructure
9) lessen impact on environment and preserve essentially rural nature and heritage of District
10) create balanced developments more acceptable to local residents


11) Excluding sites south of the A27 i.e.

Chichester City South West  Location due to:-

Impact on Harbour AVON and recreational facilities

+ Flood Plain Issues
+ A27 Highways Issues
+ Creation of City Suburb beyond City Boundary
+ Lack of Local Infrastructure
+ Greenfield site on prime agricultural land
+ Environmental and prestigious landscape views issues
+ Coalescence of settlements – Donnington, Apuldram, Chichester and Fishbourne

12) East Wittering/Bracklesham and Selsey locations due to:-

+ Inadequacies of Highways Infrastructure especially.